Please refrain from forwarding the following types of products as they are subject to restrictions in overseas shipping :

  • Flammable items, including :

  1. Lighters/zippo, even non-filled
  2. Flammable cosmetics such as nail polish
  3. Hair dye
  4. Hair tonic
  5. ALL types of lotions, including lubricants provided with adult toys
  6. ALL types of sprays
  7. Perfume
  8. Paints
  9. Thinners
  10. Adhesives / glues
  • Perishable foods  (candies and dry foods are ok)

  • Any kind of weapon

  • Narcotics (including medication)

  • Pornographic material can be shipped, but please be aware that certain regulations might prevent you from receiving the item depending on your country of residence.

  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content below 24% can be shipped overseas with the exception of the following countries : Bolivia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kuweit, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA. Any beverage over 24% can only be shipped by DHL, with the same aforementioned country restrictions.

  • Air guns and model guns

  • Plants

  • Live or dead animals


  Special restrictions concerning lithium batteries :

Products containing up to 2 built-in lithium batteries can be shipped via Japan Post. However all products containing either more than 2 batteries, OR non built-in batteries, OR lithium chargers / power banks cannot be shipped overseas.

  Additionally, we strongly urge our users to refrain bidding on preorder items. Since payments need to be made shortly after the auction has been won, they are no longer insured after 2 weeks and the money can be lost in case of a bad seller.