• About our business

What are your business days?

We are open from Monday to Friday, except national holidays. We are closed during the weekend but can perform basic Yahoo administration tasks. We will, however, not receive or ship parcels, nor respond to emails on weekends and holidays.


Do you have a phone number where I can reach you?

We are sorry but we have no telephone service open to the public.

For all questions pertaining to general issues, please send us an email at contact@bij-auctions.com.


In what languages can I write?

Currently, you can write to BIJ Auctions in English or French. We will do our best to reply as quickly as possible.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, BIJ Auctions ships worldwide, except to countries experiencing political or military unrest. Please note however that some of our shipping options may be unavailable for certain countries.


  • About payment

What methods of payment do you offer?

BIJ Auctions only accepts payments by Paypal in Japanese Yen.

BIJ Auctions does not accept the following payment methods : checks and cash.

I noticed that a consumption tax is being applied in my invoice. What is this about?

Business sellers are allowed to apply consumption tax (10%) on the final item price. That information is specified on the Yahoo product page. Please keep it in mind when deciding on your maximum bid.

  •  About ordering/bidding

Once I have placed a bid, can I raise or lower it?

You can raise your bid simply by placing a new bid with a higher amount. Bids cannot be lowered once placed.


Can I cancel a bid I have placed?

Bids cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.


I would like to place an order in a shop other than Yahoo Auctions. Do you provide that service?

For other shops, please check our proxy service on our main website.


What happens if two BIJ Auctions users bid on the same item?

If two users bid on the same item, the item will be awarded to the highest bidder, regardless of the ending price.


  • About shipping

What shipping methods do you offer?

Please check our page dedicated to Shipping for information about that subject.


May I ask BIJ Auctions to mark down the declared value of the parcel?

Sure. Please indicate the value you would like us to declare in the comments box of your order.

However, please note that in case of loss, theft or damage to your parcel, you will only be insured up to the amount you declared and BIJ Auctions will be unable to offer you any further compensation.


I have received my order but the contents are wrong. What should I do ?

Please accept our humble apologies for this confusion. Please send a message to contact@bij-auctions.com telling us what you received and what you should have received.

Depending on situations, we will send you the appropriate product for free or we will request you to return the erroneous product to us first (don’t worry, we will bear the shipping costs). The product must be in its original condition.


I have received my order but it came damaged. What should I do ?

Even when carefully packaged, parcels sometimes suffer damage during transport. If the damage is superficial (item box bent or slightly caved), it is rather unlikely that we’ll be able to help you. If the inner product itself is damaged, try to take pictures and send them to contact@bij-auctions.com.  We will file a plaint with Japan Post.


I have received my order but I would like to return the contents. Is it possible?

No. All sales are final and we cannot accept returns.


I also use your forwarding service on your separate website www.biginjap.com. Can I combine my Yahoo items with my forwarding items?


Yes it's possible. Please make a request by email when you're ready to ship and we will combine your two sets of items.