• Register

First, please register an account with us. We will need your name and full address to ship orders to you.


  • Make a deposit

In order to make a purchase or place a bid, you will need to have at least 20% of that item’s value on file with us.

For example, if you wish to place a bid of 10,000 yen, you need to send us at least 2000 yen of deposit.

In order to make a deposit, please click on your Account details, then on Bids and then on the Make a Deposit button.




 The deposit will be credited automatically to your account. You can check what is your current maximum bid from your account.



The deposit will not be deducted from your final invoice but it can be refunded at any time if you send us an email at contact@bij-auctions.com .


  •  Find the item you want

You can use our search engine or browse our categories. Please make sure that the type of item you’re looking for is not in the list of prohibited items. Also, please read the item description thoroughly. Some sellers have special rules and refuse to ship to proxy addresses. If that's the case, please don't bid on the item as we won't be able to complete the transaction.


  • Place the bid or make an instant purchase

Once you have found an item you’re interested in, press the corresponding button to place your bid.




If your bid is successful, you will see a corresponding Success message. You can also check your bid/purchase history from your account.




Our Yahoo ID will be displayed as 4*p*d*** if you check the product page directly on Yahoo.


  • Pay for the item

Once the Yahoo seller has charged us for the item you purchased or the auction you won, we will create an order for you. The carrier we use will be EMS by default but you can request to have it changed by email.

We will issue a Paypal invoice to your registered email address.

Our usage fee is 500 yen per Yahoo listing regardless of the value of the item. Therefore the invoice will be :




Consumption tax (10%) might also apply if the seller is a business. That information appears on the Yahoo product page.

  All invoices for Yahoo items must be settled within 48 hours.


  •  Receiving your item

When you’re ready to ship, please contact us so we can issue the invoice for shipping fees. You can choose to ship out a single item or to wait and combine it with other items that we will add to the same order. We can keep your orders in storage for up to one month and / or 10 items.  Once that maximum time period or number of items has been reached, the invoice will be automatically issued. NO CONSOLIDATION FEE will be applied.

Repackaged items will be protected by bubble wrap and proper padding. Our hobby shop has been running for 10 years so you can rest assured that we have lots of experience in packaging!

yellow mark Unlike other services, we don’t simply dump original cartons into another carton. We discard the original cartons and repackage your items into a single carton to reduce weight and help you save on shipping fees.


  •  Shipping out your items

From the moment the shipping fees have been paid, we will ship out within 2 business days with the option of your choice.